The benefits of being barefoot

The practice known as ‘grounding or ‘Earthing’ is where individuals walk directly on Earth barefoot. Research suggests this practice generates several health benefits for the body, meaning shoes may be preventing us from improving our health and wellbeing.  This article will explore how and why this practice has been found to be so beneficial for our health.

The science
The human body is primarily electrical which means it can be influenced by the Earths energy, so when we stand barefoot on Earth we are able to become electrically stable as free flowing negatively charged electrons are absorbed through the feet from the Earth. These electrons help neutralize free radicals in our bodies that damage our cells and creates benefits including anti-inflammatory properties, reduction of chronic pain and reduced stress. However, by wearing shoes and spending so much time indoors, we have become disconnected from the Earths energy and these healing properties.
The reason why walking barefoot produces healing benefits is because of the frequency the Earth emits. This frequency is 9.6Hz and studies by NASA have shown, the body heals itself 4x baseline at this frequency. When you walk barefoot you are in direct contact with the Earth enabling your body to absorb the Earths energy leading to healing benefits. A key benefit is it has anti-inflammatory properties, which is important as chronic inflammation is the root of serious diseases including cancer and alzeihmers. Further benefits include sleep improvement and walking barefoot helps fight jet lag.
This information is critical especially at this moment in time when the use of wireless devices is so high. These devices effect our body and mind, therefore we need to ensure we can ground ourselves as much as possible and ensure our bodies are balanced. Wireless devices have a scrambling like effect on the brain which is unhealthy, by walking on Earth barefoot we are able to calm the brain down and return to the natural frequency of the body. Because of it’s calming effects, walking barefoot can help fight stress and depression.
The healing benefits have been proven through numerous peer reviewed scientific studies, however it’s not widely known by the public. A big factor of this is that pharmaceutical companies don’t want people finding out methods of healing that don’t involve expensive medication. These companies want to make as much profit as possible therefore the people involved in these industries will go to significant lengths to protect their profit and suppress natural healing such as walking barefoot. A big lesson to be learnt here is that corporations don’t profit from healthy individuals, so we have to take it into our own hands and do our own research into health promoting practices.
Foot health

A further issue created by wearing shoes is that the majority of shoes are not created in the natural foot shape. This means that the toes are squashed in by the shoes and change their shape making the big toes point inwards and the other four cramped tightly together. This unnatural shape is the cause of foot problems such as bunions, therefore walking with no shoes lets the feet span into their natural shape.

Furthermore walking barefoot activates the muscles in the foot as you no longer having a thick sole doing the work for them. As you walk barefoot overtime the skin on the bottom of the feet toughen enabling you to walk over more rugged terrain such as rocks and hot sand.

How to go barefoot
Going barefoot has many benefits however needs to be approached slowly. Your feet have likely been in shoes all their life therefore the muscles are weak and the skin is fairly soft. When you first start you may consider using barefoot shoes, these are a special kind of shoe that have thin soles and are wide spaning in the natural foot shape for example the five finger shoes. These are easier on the feet and allow you to gradually build up the muscle, also these are good for situations where you have to wear shoes.
To start going barefoot begin with just 5/10/15 minutes on the first day and stop whenever your feel like you need to. Gradually over time walk for longer and longer and your feet will gain strength and toughen. When you initially start walking barefoot I would recommend fairly soft terrain like grass or mud so avoid rocks or stones until your feet become tougher. If you live in a city you can walk barefoot on the pavement or find a local park to go to.
Once your feet become tough enough you will also be able to run barefoot if you are a runner. This is a much healthier way to run as many common problems associated with running are caused by wearing shoes. By running barefoot we strike the ground with the toes first therefore avoiding locking the leg by striking the heal first which creates tension in the lower back. Human beings were made to run without expensive running shoes.
If anything being barefoot is just a lot more enjoyable than walking with shoes on! Your walks will certainly become a lot more interesting as you can feel the different textures and the temperature of the Earth below your feet creating a whole new experience.
Take your shoes off to connect to the universe and the healing properties the Earth has to offer.
This is a fantastic video that is definitely worth a watch it explains the science behind walking barefoot and analyses the research findings.

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